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​talks about your internal strengths and weaknesses. your hand is a map to how you deal with the world. i recommend palm reading for people who are soul searching and trying to understand themselves better from the inside out you should also note that your hands changes over time sometimes very rapidly and that you can see signs of progress reflected in hand $60.00. 
"To Achieve The Serenity.    Which Will Make Dream's Realty"
 I recommend tarot readings for situations that involve other people, places, and things external to yourself, situations where you need more then information about your self, but on all the other conditions in your life. the cards will show you the areas that require the greatest amount of focus and attention $80.00
​Psychic reading can show you how to view yourself and how the world see's you why compatibility is important or why you are a loner, why you feel different from other's or why you have spiritual and metaphysical interests $75.00
A crystal reading can help you find energetic blocks for help in relationships issues and to help to continue to grow spiritually as partners they can help two people see there differences in a positive way opening communication so they can relive there tensions and balance the relationship couple readings help you explore the compatible and challenging aspects $90.00 
To determine if one maybe cursed or hoodooed to find the conclusion and the solution i recommend the spiritual reading for situations such as out of the ordinary string of bad luck with multiple negative experiences. developing a trouble mind difficulties sleeping odd nightmares or dreams breaking up of relationships sudden mood changes unnatural health complaints especially if one was in good health prior to the onset of these negative experiences $ 60.00
Your astrology chart is a blueprint of your life the chart gives your insight to understand personality and temperament major life issues and challenges your birth chart is your bridge to empower new choices your natreal chart is your personal treasure map a powerful indicator for your souls path of your healing journey $70.00
Fertility Issues, Clears Past Karma, Stops Enemies, Prevent Family Issues, Stops Him/Her Cheats, Aura Cleaning, Job/Financial, Health/Addictions, Lawsuits, Removes Spells
Chakra Balancing is a powerful way to take charge of your life and discard negative energies. That maybe hindering in your life and interfering with your health, success, and happiness

we also do group, couple readings and if doing more then one reading we do offer discounts please e-mail request.